May 23, 2018

Amazon is moving into the car business by allowing motorists to book a test drive online

The web retail giant is joining up with Volvo so customers can bypass having to visit a dealer to try out a car.

Drivers book a time slot on their smartphone or computer after supplying their postcode and location. The car will be brought to their home or workplace by sales staff.

The signing-up process takes minutes and a delivery time will be confirmed immediately on Amazon’s Prime Now delivery service. Customers then try out the car and return it as for a conventional test drive.

A trial will cover the Volvo V40 hatchback for selected weekends in June and July in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. If it boosts sales, the scheme could expand.

Volvo has around 100 car dealerships in the UK. The scheme comes as the number of showrooms nationally falls amid flagging sales and rising costs.

Amazon said the venture was a one-off limited offer.

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