October 20, 2017

The mystery of the terrifying 'mummified man' found washed up on the side of a river

The eerie figure appears to be huddled in a corner against a stone wall - but no one knows how it got there
A creepy 'mummified man' appears to have been washed up on the side of the river - and people are creeped out.

The terrifying form was spotted by passers-by on the banks of the floating harbour at Bristol Bridge.

It appears to be huddled against the wall at the foot of a set of stairs.

And no one has a clue how it got there.

The mummy is huddled in the corner by the steps
The figure,which appears to be a piece of metal wrapped in rope, looks eerily realistic with its arms folded across its body, reports the Bristol Post .

It's clear that the figure isn't actually a 'washed up mummy', but it does look scarily real from afar.

In the build up to Halloween it is possible someone has gone to great lengths to scare passers-by, or this could be a unique piece of street art – perhaps channelling the story of the Good Samaritan with hundreds of people passing by the bridge every day but nobody stopping to help.

It's not clear how long the 'mummy' has been sitting by the steps, but it appears to be a little worse for wear.

At this stage it is not clear who is behind the prank.

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