December 30, 2016

Swiss Army Bans Selfies Because Female Recruits Were Bending The Rules - @Switzerland

Army recruits are no longer allowed to post photos in uniform
Frustrated army commanders are growing increasingly furious with selfie-obsessed newbies constantly posting pictures of their military duty on social media.

The Swiss army has said it has found that new recruits, and most specifically women, are obsessively taking snaps of themselves and posting them to their personal social media accounts. 

Swiss armed forces spokesman Daniel Reist said: "There is a very clear policy: no photos in uniform. Whoever wants to take a picture must first ask the commander.

No photos should be posted while people are in army gear, the rules say
"If gross nonsense is posted, or sexist or racist content, we will get the military police in. But if they post positive experiences, that does not hurt the army." 

Valentine Morina, 24, is one of the female recruits who regularly posts selfies to social media. 

The woman from the French-speaking city of Lausanne is a gunner in an M109 armoured howitzer. 

She said: "I was the only woman under 400 men. The recruit school was a good experience, which unfortunately is now already over." 

Valentine Morina, 24, is one female recruit posting images to social media.
Other women dressed in uniforms post snaps and use hashtags such as "#proud" or "#strong" with their selfies.

Tank soldier Alexandra Schnyder, 19, said: "Never apologise for who you are and what you want." 
The Swiss army said it wants to start a social media campaign next year to highlight what an army career looks like, and some local media think they do not need to look any further than these pretty female soldiers to make their case. 

The pictures have been widely shared in Swiss newspapers.

But Reist claims more thought needs to go into what is being posted after some soldiers put together a compilation of embarrassing blunders to create a video that went viral in Switzerland. 

Some post images using the hashtags ‘#proud’ or ‘#strong’
The video shows soldiers crashing army trucks in dangerous stunts, re-enacting scenes from Star Wars and sleeping while on duty. They quickly gathered thousands of likes, much to the ire of the military top brass.

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