October 6, 2015

Mysterious creature which appears to be a hybrid between a crocodile and a buffalo terrifies villagers in Thailand (VIDEO) - @natgeo

  A second photograph of the beast shows it has hooves like a calf, but the snout of a crocodile or reptile
Villagers in a remote Thai village have been left bewildered and terrified by the appearance of this bizarre creature.

The strange looking animal has dark, scaly skin like a reptile and a crocodile-shaped head - despite being born from a buffalo.

Footage of the odd creature shows it laid out on a table as a gathering crowd prods its scaly skin and head while lighting candles and incense.

The animal surfaced in High Rock, Wanghin in Thailand, and was born to a buffalo, local website Rath reported.

It was claimed the buffalo had given birth to a previous litter of perfectly healthy calves.

But exactly how the creature came to grow scales and form an elongated snout akin to a crocodile remains a mystery - though villagers now hope it will bring them good luck.


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