September 20, 2015

Watch how morbidly obese man conceals his gun when he's in his pants (VIDEO)

We don't recommend gaining this much weight or carrying firearms, but the American has used his initiative to bring the two together

If there are any 'positives' to being morbidly obese, perhaps this video shows one of them.

In what is quite possible the most unusual - and disturbing - use of body fat imaginable, a man has been filmed hiding a gun under his massive gut.

Making his kind of width a positive only if you plan on smuggling arms, granted, but at least he's thinking outside the box.

The four-second clip shows the man, who goes by the name The Big La, lifting up his enormous roll and secreting the pistol underneath before politely offering a half-curtsey.

The large chap has become something of a celebrity in Florida in the US for his attendances at raucous hosted by a character named Mike Busey in of rundown mansion nicknamed The Sausage Castle.

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