September 20, 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo walks out with son of a Syrian refugee as their support in crisis (VIDEO) - @CRonaldoNews

Cristiano Ronaldo leads Zied Mohsen, son of a Syrian refugee made famous in Hungary, onto the pitch
The son of the Syrian refugee tripped by a Hungarian journalist accompanied Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo onto the pitch before the team's Spanish league game on Saturday.

Madrid invited Uosama Abdul Mohsen and sons Zied and Mohammad to the match, which Madrid won 1-0 against Granada.

Zied accompanied Ronaldo when the teams entered the pitch before kickoff and received applause from the Santiago Bernabeu crowd.

Uosama Abdul Mohsen (right) made headlines when he was tripped by a Hungarian journalist as he fled
Before the match, the players wore T-shirts supporting the thousands of refugees fleeing to Europe from the Syrian war.

Mohsen had arrived to the capital earlier this week after a Spanish football academy offered to help them rebuild their life.

Images of him being tripped by the Hungarian journalist provoked outrage across the continent.

This month, Madrid donated 1 million euros to help refugees arriving to Spain.

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