July 6, 2015

ISIS Executes Jihadist for Infecting Communal Yazidi Sex Slave with AIDS

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS) executed an Indonesian man infected with AIDS after he passed the disease to his Yazidi sex slave. The terrorists passed her around sexually before they learned of his disease.

“In the beginning we discovered one case in the immigrant who carries the Indonesian nationality, and that happened when he was donating blood at one of the IS hospitals,” explained a man only known as Abu Qatada to Syrian human rights group Sound and Picture. “The security device of IS opened an investigation, to know later that the infected member has a [Yazidi] girl who was sold to another member carries the Egyptian nationality, and when examining the Egyptian member and the Yazidi girl, they were both confirmed infected.”

The man contracted his disease while in Indonesia. He fled to Syria over a year ago, but never disclosed his medical condition to anyone within the group. The Sound and Picture reporter traveled to Almayadeen City to interview doctors at the medical center where the Egyptian man and Yazidi girl received their tests.

“Almayadeen City didn’t has [sic] a center for AIDS tests before,” said the doctor, who remained anonymous, adding:
"However, after the control of IS, it brought materials and equipment from Iraq to Syria, and it also stressed on the need to check each drop of blood which is transferred to IS members. IS members brought … to the center, a 30-years-old man speaks Egyptian dialect, along with a 15-years-old girl who was very afraid and pale. The test results was AIDS positive."
These results forced the group to test roommates of the infected man.

“The 6 people who were witnessed visiting the infected member’s house, were arrested and forced to do tests, to discover two other AIDS infection cases of two Saudi members, who both had sex with the Yazidi girl,” stated the doctor.

Sound and Picture could not confirm the location of the Yazidi girl. However, the revelation that more members are infected is not surprising since ISIS consider the Yazidis devil-worshippers and have treated Yazidi women in the most horrific ways. Women who survived and escaped told numerous stories over the last year of the harrowing abuse they suffered under ISIS control. One woman begged the West to bomb the brothel where the terrorists held her. Rashida, 31, told Human Rights Watch about a lottery ISIS set up for the fighters to receive a woman. A video from November showed ISIS militants laughing and joking while purchasing female Yazidi slaves. One man joyfully announced the day was “slave market day.” The militants recently announced a Koran-recital contest, offering Yazidi sex slaves as the grand prize.

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