June 12, 2015

Horrific moment helpless cat is thrown into a crocodile-infested lagoon by laughing men (VIDEO) - @NatGeo

It seems as though the cat has made a miraculous escape when it desperately climbs onto the bamboo fencing surrounding the lagoon
Shocking footage from Peru shows the moment a small cat is deliberately thrown into a murky lagoon full of vicious crocodiles.

Two men can be heard laughing as someone launches the cat out of a bag into the water, which is surrounded by high fences.

The reptiles quickly close in on the animal as it frantically swims past them and onto a small area of dry land.

The cat seems to have pulled off a miraculous escape when it climbs onto the bamboo fencing but here, it tragically runs out of energy.

One of the crocodiles pounces on the exhausted animal and pulls its back in by its tail.

The cat makes yet another break for it when a second reptile tries to wrestle the first over its carcass, but unfortunately it does not get far before it is again attacked and killed.

Thousands of people have condemned the cruel and senseless act in the city of Iquitos after watching the video, which has since gone viral. 

A furious onlooker said: 'Cowards, this is a defenceless animal... There are no circumstances to do something like this.

Victor Rodriguez Vilcapaza added: 'It would be great if the people involved in the facts would be punished in order to make them understand that animals are alive and they have sensibility, pain and love'.

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