June 16, 2015

End The Yulin Dog Eating Festival For Good

In Yulin, China they have created a festival where they eat dog meat, and sometimes cats! Each festival, 10,000 dogs are butchered for human consumption which sickens me. Another thing is that they skin the dogs while they are alive and then boil them in extremely hot water, which is torture!

The 2014 festival was banned, but since eating dogs isn't illegal, many people are still trying to continue this awful tradition. They are now doing illegal and inhumane things like torturing the dogs, and stealing peoples pet dogs!

Many of us are probably thinking, "i'm glad that I don't live in Yulin," but while your dog is safe, many other dogs are being tortured.

Its our responsibility to stand up for the voiceless, starting with the dogs in Yulin, China.From the beginning of time dogs protected us, so now its our turn to help them.

Sign this petition to get our marks to notice, so we can reach our goal by June, 21, 2015.

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