April 20, 2015

Workers gape as huge python climbs up tree in Thailand

A massive python has showcased its extraordinary climbing abilities, coiling and uncoiling its body as it slides flawlessly up a coconut tree three storeys high in Thailand.

Footage from the weekend in the northern city of Phitsanulok shows the powerful reptile wrapping its body around the trunk as it makes its way up the tree.

The reptile was first spotted by office workers terrified that it would try to climb into their building.

Video shows staff members crowding around the windows as the rescue workers knock the snake out of the tree with a stick.

A man retrieves the snake from grass below the tree and manages with some difficulty to put it inside a bag.

Local media report the snake, which was suffering an injury, would be treated before being released into the wild.

Melbourne snake expert Ray Hoser told ninemsn the snake in the video is a reticulated python, the world’s longest snake and a species common in Thailand.

Though unusual to watch, Mr Hoser said the serpent's creepy climbing technique was common among such snakes.

“What you are seeing is … common behaviour for the reticulated python, they are climbers,” he said.

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