April 6, 2015

New ISIS Video Shows A Child Soldier Executing Two Russian Spies (VIDEO) - @ISIS

In the Islamic State's latest filmed execution, a child soldier from Kazakhstan is seen executing two Russian-speaking men accused of working for the Russian Federal Security Service. The video, which appears to be staged, is directed at audiences in Russia and Russian-speaking Central Asian countries where ISIS is said to be gaining a foothold.

The Islamic State has released a brand new propaganda video. Titled Uncovering The Enemy Within, the seven and a half-minute long video purports to show a child, who appears to be an ethnic Kazakh, executing two men identified as Russian "spies".

The footage was released by ISIS' media arm Alhayat Media Center, and is already being called fake by online viewers, VICE News reported. The production style of the video, released on 13 January 2015, has all the makings of a mediocre television series.

The child, who calls himself Abdullah, first appeared in a video released in November 2014, NYMag reported. There, he explains that he is at an ISIS training camp for kids, learning Arabic and various military skills. His goal, he tells his interviewer, is to grow up to execute non-believers on behalf of the Islamic State.

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