April 11, 2015

Child almost kills cameraman in AK-47 stunt (VIDEO) - @barackobama

A young Saudi girl's patriotic stunt in support of her country's military operations in Yemen almost ended in tragedy after she lost control of an automatic weapon.

In a four-second video posted on social media, the nine-year-old can be seen holding a Kalashnikov and shouting before pulling the trigger.

The recoil of the gun whips the girl around to face the person filming her, who narrowly misses being hit by a bullet.

According to the Gulf Times, it is one of a spate of videos of young people posing with weapons on social media, and has provoked outrage in Saudi Arabia with commentators urging parents to keep guns away from children.

Indeed, the video is reminiscent of the tragic shooting of a gun instructor in Arizona by a nine-year-old girl who was unable to control the Uzi sub machine gun she was handed.

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