March 8, 2015

Zedd & Selena Gomez: Why He Partied With Her At Camila Cabello’s Birthday Bash

Selena definitely has Taylor’s stamp of approval on her relationship with Zedd! The 22-year-old singer brought her DJ beau to Taylor’s Beverly Hills home on Mar. 3, where he was the star of Camila Cabello’s birthday party. Find out why he was specifically invited by T-Swizzle!

Selena Gomez got another endorsement for Zedd, 25, when she brought him to Camila Cabello‘s birthday party at Taylor Swift‘s Beverly Hills home on March 3. The “I Want You To Know” singer showed off the sexy music producer and her gal pals gave her a big thumbs up!

Zedd & Selena Gomez At Camilla Cabello Party: Couple Celebrates With Taylor Swift

“Taylor invited Zedd. She loves him and she wants Selena to spend as much time with him as possible because she knows that when Selena is with him, she’s not thinking about Justin [Bieber]. There were other guys there too — it’s not like he was the only one, but even if he had been, Taylor would have been fine with it because he’s such a sweetheart,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

We love that Taylor wants Selena to be with Zedd as much as possible. She’s such a great friend to “The Heart Wants What It Wants” singer. And we’re pretty sure Selena feels the same way because we recently learned she wants to repay Taylor for her kindness.

Selena & Zedd Hunting For A ‘Soul Mate’ For Taylor

Selena and Zedd are so grateful for Taylor. In fact, as previously reported, Zedd is trying to set her up with some hot and very talented friends of his.

“Selena is determined to help Taylor find her soul mate. She’s talked to Zedd about introducing Taylor to some of his friends and he’s totally into helping Selena play Cupid,” an inside source told EXCLUSIVELY. “Selena has been really supportive of Taylor and feels like it’s now her turn to be her rock.”

That’s so sweet. We love how Taylor and Selena continue to look out for each other. And the party was pretty amazing.

“Taylor organized the whole party – she invited everyone and she even baked Camilla a cake. It was completely PG. She didn’t even put out alcohol because Camilla can’t drink yet. They had a pinata with candy and everyone got cute little goody bags to take home. It was really sweet and not like a typical Hollywood party at all. There was no drama and no one was out of control. It was just very, very tame,” a source tells us.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are you happy Zedd went to the party with Selena? Do you think they make a cute couple? Tell us how you feel!

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