March 16, 2015

Woman knocked unconscious after two men brawl at pizza takeaway Dublin (VIDEO)

This is the shocking moment a young woman was knocked unconscious during a heated restaurant brawl.

Footage shows how a customer at Apache Pizza, Dublin, became involved in an argument with a member of staff behind the counter.

But it escalated when an Irish-sounding man intervenes and the pair begin fighting.

Several customers attempt to break up both men, who are dangerously grappling in the middle of the restaurant.

But one young woman, who sounds like she is from England, gets caught up in the commotion.

She appears to fall down backwards and bang her head on the floor.

The men continue to brawl and one appears to stamp on the other's head as he is knocked to the floor.

Some customers then realise the woman who fell isn't moving and they rush to help her.

Footage - which we have edited out - then shows the camera zoom in to the woman's face.

It is clear she is not responsive and has fallen unconscious.

The fight then continues out on Dame Street - just yards from the world famous Trinity College on the edge of Temple Bar.

Filmed by several customers on their mobile phone, the video has now gone viral since being uploaded to YouTube on Thursday.

A spokesman for An Garda Siochana, the Irish police service, said the force has no reports of the incident.

And Dublin Fire Brigade, who are in charge of the city's ambulances, did not provide a comment on the woman's condition.

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