March 18, 2015

ISIS kidnaps 20 doctors, nurses from Libyan hospital

Libyan nurses are evacuated from the Ibn Sina hospital, where 20 other workers were kidnapped.
ISIS kidnapped about 20 doctors and nurses from a Libyan hospital so they can treat injured terrorists, officials said.

At least 30 ISIS gunmen barged into the Ibn Sina Hospital in Sirte on Monday and abducted the foreign-born medical workers, who were in the process of evacuating the war-torn city, a hospital official told CNN.

The staffers — who hail from Asia and Europe — planned to go to Tripoli because ISIS-controlled Sirte had become too dangerous.

The fighters took the group hostage as they boarded a Tripoli-bound bus because they are the only medical experts left in Sirte — and the only people who could treat injured terrorists, the hospital said.

The 20 captive workers were from the Philippines, Ukraine, India and Serbia, according to medical officials. However, the Philippine government said that four of its nurses who were reportedly kidnapped were safe and Tripoli and had never been abducted.

ISIS, which occupies large chunks of Iraq and Syria, took over the African city last year.

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