February 9, 2015

Selena Gomez Falling For Zedd: He’s Everything Justin Bieber Wasn’t (VIDEO) - @selenagomez

The reason Selena Gomez is falling so hard for Zedd is because he is nothing like Justin Bieber! Find out what our HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVE source revealed about why Zedd is completely winning Selena over!

Selena Gomez, 22, was extremely stressed out while she was dating Justin Bieber, 20, but now that she is with Zedd, 25, she feels no pressures at all! Our HL source revealed that Zedd “only wants the best for her” — unlike Justin! We have all the deets!

“One thing she really likes about Zedd is that there’s no pressure, he doesn’t stress her out ever. Justin was never that chill, he expected a lot from her and it was always his way,” our source revealed.

Selena was always on an emotional roller coaster when she was with Justin — it makes sense that she would be happier with Zedd who is more “chill.”

“She had to bend to him but with Zedd there’s none of that, he lets her be herself and make the choices that are best for her, he’s her cheerleader, he just wants what’s best for her,” our source continued.

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