February 28, 2015

Malaysian snake charmer kisses same venomous snake species that killed his father (VIDEO) - @natgeo

Amjad comes face to face with the same species of snake that killed his father with a single deadly bit
A snake charmer from Malaysia kissed the same species of venomous snake that killed his father with one deadly bite for upcoming TV series ‘World’s Most Talented’.

Amjad Khan from Taiping City is known throughout Malaysia as ‘The Snake Prince’ because of his ability to charm snakes with a hypnotic technique and the fact that he has been kissing them since he was one years old.

Coming face to face with a king cobra – the world’s largest venomous snake – the 27-year-old daredevil performs the same stunt attempted by his father when he was bitten during a show in Kuala Lumpur.

Known by many as ‘The Snake King’, Amjad’s father Ali Khan Samsudin, who was featured in the Guinness Book of Records and was reportedly bitten 99 times in his life, was unable to receive treatment for his injury and died two days later.

As Amjad sits opposite the snake it lunges at him before he begins to charm it with some hand movements
A fourth generation snake charmer, Amjad is filmed lifting the cobra from its box and placing it casually on the ground before him.

Sitting down opposite it, the snake immediately lunges for him but he skilfully moves himself from harm’s way and begins the hypnotic process of calming it.

Pointing his finger at the snake before placing it inside its mouth, Amjad brings his hand away and edges himself closer to the cobra.

The snake retaliates by sticking its tongue out as if anticipating an attack and Amjad leans in to give it a kiss.

Speaking to presenter Laura Jackson before the accomplishment Amjad tells her that he is only 10% scared of the king cobra because of what happened to his dad.

‘He was bitten by the King Cobra, and the doctors said we couldn’t do anything. I feel like something is missing,’ he said.

Watching the stunt live, Laura calls the achievement insane. She said: ‘I’m not going to sleep tonight, that was a whole new level of danger. I was terrified watching – I couldn’t believe it.’

‘World’s Most Talented’ is a global tournament contested by representatives from two different countries who will go head to head each week.

The performances will be judged by an international jury of 100 vloggers, and contestants will compete to see their country named the world’s most talented.

Amjad will feature in the third episode of the Watch series, and will be up against tough competition in the form of an Italian riding a road bike on a handrail over the edge of a cliff.

The first episode of the series will air on Watch on Tuesday, March 31 at 9pm.

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