January 7, 2015

Shocking moment angry Mexican mob tired of robberies lynched an alleged thief and his accomplices, including a PREGNANT woman (VIDEO) - @WeVisitMexico

Four alleged thieves (pictured) were caught red-handed in Tehuacan, Mexico, while robbing a home.  They were stripped and beaten with metal pipes. One died of his injuries

An accused thief was beaten to death by a mob in central Mexico after the furious crowd caught him and three accomplices, including a pregnant woman and a teenager, robbing a home. 

A crowd of some 100 people discovered the four allegedly robbing electronics at a home in the town of Tehuacan, in the state of Puebla. 

The residents seized the four — two men, a male teenager one woman said to be pregnant — and stripped them.

Then they beat them with sticks and metal pipes before tying them to trees.

The woman, who said she was pregnant, was 'struck in the face' while the teenager was tied by his hands and feet and beat up, local reports say.

He suffered wounds to his abdomen, legs, back and head. 

'We warned them of what would happen if they returned to rob from us,' local neighbors, who said they were tired of thieves after a recent string of robberies, told local newspaper Excelsior.

Local cops tried to stop the brutal beatings but were pushed back by the crowd. State police had to intervene to bring the situation under control.

One of the four suspects died of his injuries.

Local reports say the other three, including a teenager and a pregnant woman, received medical attention.

They were all expected to survive.

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