November 14, 2014

MTA bus driver 'assaults' a kid on the bus (VIDEO) - @teenage

Action heats up around 2:30. The kid didn't have money for the bus. Kid has zero respect. A teenage boy who reportedly wanted a free ride aboard a Q 112 bus in #Jamaica, Queens got into a fight with the bus driver.

A passenger recorded video of the brawl on Tuesday morning. The driver could be heard saying "I feel tough every day, little boy."

The 16-year-old allegedly asked to ride for free and the driver refused. When the boy did not get off the bus, the driver started shoving him. The pair also exchanged insults. The teen was later arrested and charged with criminal mischief for throwing a trash can at the bus door.

The driver was not charged, but he appears to have violated MTA policy that calls for drivers to avoid altercations. The incident, which occurred near Guy R. Brewer Blvd. and Jamaica Ave., was under investigation.

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