November 13, 2014

Idaho Cops Release Video, Showing Them Killing Woman (VIDEO) - @idaho

Idaho police released dash and body cam footage of officers shooting and killing a mentally ill woman in July because she would not drop a knife.

However, it does not appear as if she was an immediate threat to the Sandpoint police officers or anybody else for that matter.

But she did not comply, so obviously, she had to die.

However, the Kootenal County prosecutor said the shooting was justified. 

According to the Bonner County Daily Bee:

“Walk over here. Show me your hands,” Ziegler can be heard saying immediately after he exits his vehicle. Similar commands from other officers are also heard. 
“Show me your hands!” Ziegler says more forcefully. 
“F- you!” Jeanetta Riley says. 
Officers can be heard telling her to drop the knife. 

“Bring it on!” she says. 
Officers again order her to drop the knife. 
“No!” she says. 
Additional orders to drop the knife are heard as gunfire erupts. The footage from the body cam becomes illegible as Ziegler crosses the street toward Jeanetta Riley due to a lack of ambient lighting. 
The span of time between Ziegler’s first command and shots being fired is 11 seconds. The body camera shows Ziegler placing Jeanetta Riley into handcuffs before running back to the vehicle to grab a medical kit. He then tries to render first aid to an unresponsive Riley.

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