October 7, 2014

Incredible moment: Wild kangaroo brawl on Aussie street (VIDEO) - @NatGeo

A feud between two kangaroos spewed into a an ugly street fight in Australia.

Rodney Langham captured the scrapping roos on camera and posted the video to Youtube last week.

The clip lasts five minutes, as the marsupials exchange punches and kicks first in the street and then in a front yard of a house.

Midway through the fight, the roos seem to take on a surreal looking, Matrix-style midair suspension when performing a double-footed kick.

But they are in fact balancing on their super-strong tails.

It was not known what started the brawl but David Attenborough said in Life of Mammals that male kangaroos normally fight to be the dominant male in a group of kangaroos.

Winning the fight will mean things such as being able to father most of the next babies or have first choice of food and watering holes.

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