September 26, 2014

Viral video shows reaction of double-parking Corvette driver in Clifton

After spending two hours in traffic, Kyle DeMattia decided to grab some lunch. He pulls into the restaurant’s busy parking lot and right there in the two best spots is a Corvette, diagonally parked to take them both.

In no mood to just let such selfish idiocy go, DeMattia did what the rest of us always want to do when we see this sort of thing…

As gratifying as this is to see, it’s not even the best part.

Inside, DeMattia made sure he got a spot by the window on the parking lot side. He kept his phone handy and started filming when the Corvette owner came out.

It’s hard to tell, but DeMattia says the guys walking past had a good laugh. Which left the driver none too pleased…

Video posted with permission
Credit: Kyle DeMattia

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