September 20, 2014

Brazilian Men Find Giant Snake In River (VIDEO) - #NatGeo

It's the very definition of the phrase 'brave but stupid'.

A video has emerged that appears to show a couple chasing and taunting a yellow anaconda before dragging it around a river by its tail in Brazil.

In the amazing footage, the couple are heard laughing as they pull the anaconda through the water, refusing to let go.

The swollen-bellied snake attempts to flee as they repeatedly try to grab hold of it.         

After being posted on social media, the clip was picked up by Environmental Military Garden police, who set out to find the culprits.

According to reports in the South American country, the couple appeared to be "very simple and layman" and claimed they did not know the act was a crime.

They are facing a fine of £900 each, although an appeal can be filed within 20 days of them being issued.

Penalties for this kind of crime in Brazil can be punishable by up to 18 months in a detention centre.

A friend of the couple, who was also in the boat, has not yet been traced.

Yellow anacondas, which can grow up to three metres in length, will unhinge their jaws to enable them to swallow their prey whole.

They are often found in rivers, and usually float on the surface of the water.

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