July 8, 2014

The hilarious moment a camera-loving parrotfish decided to PHOTOBOMB an unsuspecting diver with a huge smile - @NatGeo

Boo! This parrotfish came out of nowhere at Eastern Dry Rocks in Key West, Florida, to surprise diver Sophia Roth ... and steal her photo
Parrotfish earned their name due to their teeth, which form a parrot-like beak used to graze algae from coral and rocks.

Recently named by National Geographic as 'the #1 thing to ensure the health of coral reefs'.

Photo was taken in Key West, Florida, which has the third largest barrier reef in the world

Imagine asking a friend to take a photo of you snorkeling when all of a sudden a giant blue parrotfish pops in front of a camera.

That was the situation faced by Sophia Roth in Key West, Florida, at the weekend.

The owner of Snuba, a local diving tour company, was out with a group checking out the many coral reefs in the area.

She was smiling for the camera when all of a sudden a parrotfish came out of nowhere and swims in front of the lens.

Hilariously, it also seems that the fish is smiling too.

'It's one of my favorite (pictures),' Roth said.

'The picture is funny because the parrot fish looks like he is looking at the camera and smiling.

'It's cute.'

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