May 19, 2014

Watch Indian father go berserk at his son when prank goes horribly wrong (VIDEO) - @IndiaToday

Sunder Verma punches his cowering son in a fit of uncontrollable rage
When Indian student Prateek Verma decided to tell his father he had made his girlfriend pregnant, he thought it would be a hilarious prank.

What the 20-year-old didn't count on was the violent attack he would be subjected to after making his ill-judged announcement.

Infuriated by the revelation, Sunder Verma, 50, launches at his son in a fit of uncontrollable rage, kicking and punching him as the engineering student pleads for mercy.

It is only when Mr Verma picks up a bottle and appears poised to smash him over the head that his son finally screams out that it was a prank.

Video of the joke has been viewed more than 500,000 times since being uploading on YouTube two weeks ago.

The footage begins with Prateek Verma boasting that he is going to prank his father, saying: 'Let's see what happens'.

He then hides the camera at his home in New Delhi.

As he father returns from work after what has clearly been a very bad day, Prateek says: 'Dad, I need to talk to you about something.'

Ominously, he adds: 'Please close the door. Mum should never know about it.'

He goes on to ask if his father remembers his girlfriend he had been seeing, to which Mr Verma replies: 'Yes, that b****'.

Prateek then drops the bombshell.

After a momentary pause, his father kick him hard then forces him into the corner of the room with a series of punches.

As Mr Verma picks up a bottle, his terrified son cries out that it was a prank.

His father reluctantly believes the story and walks out of the room dejected as Prateek looks on stunned.

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