May 1, 2014

The standing-style Walking Bicycle combines a scooter and a cross-trainer to reach speeds of up to 15mph

The standing-style Walking Bicycle, pictured here being tested by Japanese journalists, features an electric motor capable of speeds of up to 15mph (24km/h). It comes in silver, pictured left, red, pictured centre, and pink, pictured right and goes on sale in July for $3,000 (£1,780)
If you don't have time to go to the gym before work, you can now combine your workout with your commute by riding this cross-trainer on wheels.

Called the Walking Bicycle, the vehicle is powered by the user's steps as they 'walk' on the pedals. 
It reaches speeds of up to 15mph (24km/h) thanks to a built-in motor, and goes on sale in July for $3,000 (£1,780).

It was developed by Japan’s auto parts maker Katayama Kogyo for its new Walking Bicycle Club. 

The bike was unveiled at an event in Tokyo earlier today by company president Masayuki Katayama.

The standing-style trike has traditional handlebars with gears, a brake and a bell. 

Its battery sits on the central column and this is attached to the motor behind the front wheel.

Walking on the steps not only powers the vehicle forward, it also charges the electric motor to tackle hills, for example.

It comes in pink, red and silver and goes on sale in Japan in July - although international customers will be able buy the vehicle online.

The Walking Bicycle resembles the German-built Scrooser unveiled last year, for more extravagant commuters. 

Scrooser is a cross between a scooter, Segway and a bike that riders can either stand or sit on and costs €4,250 (£3,500). 

Each time the rider kicks the ground, an impulse drive provides electric power support and this impulse drive kicks in automatically when a speed of 2mph or greater is reached.

The engine is a direct drive motor integrated into the rear wheel rim, which means that there are no gear belts, linkages or any other additional elements that could break.

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