April 25, 2014

Shocking footage emerges of #Russian dad giving his toddler a CIGARETTE (VIDEO) - #smoke

Footage posted online which reportedly shows a father in Russia giving his toddler son a cigarette to smoke
A shocking video has emerged of a father allowing a young boy to smoke his cigarette.

As the topless man repeatedly passes the cigarette back and forth to the toddler, a woman can be heard laughing from behind the camera.

The footage is just over two minutes long and is said to have been filmed in Russia.

The young boy is seen putting the cigarette in his mouth and making feeble drags on it several times as his father encourages him.

They boy laughs and claps his hands as he is yet again given the cigarette.

When the man playfully refuses him, the child makes crying noises, and soon points to the fresh packet on the table.
Astonishingly, the father gives the child a new cigarette and lights it for him.

The video, which appeared on LiveLeak on Wednesday has outraged even the hardened users on the clip-sharing website.

One person, using the signature ‘Duffy’ wrote: What a f****** moron, I bet it’s the mother laughing behind the camera.

‘You are without doubt the most idiotic t**** I have ever watched and I hope the appropriate agencies are racing to your address as I write this comment.’

Another, posting as ‘kingbooter’ wrote: ‘This is child abuse, no two ways about it. This needs to be sent to the appropriate authorities’.

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