April 6, 2014

Kim Kardashian runs away from angry elephant after it protests when she tries to take a selfie - #KimKardashian

Kim Kardashian had a scary run-in with an elephant while on a Kardashian family vacation in Thailand on March 31, 2014. Things took a wild turn when the baby animal tried to pull the reality star's hair.
We know Kim loves to get some adventurous holiday snaps whenever possible - but this one majorly backfired.

Kim Kardashian just took her selfie habit one step too far - and this elephant did NOT look happy.

The reality star posed next to the beast on her family trip to Thailand (no doubt keen to lengthen the lead in her selfie war with her sisters) - but the last thing she expected was for the huge animal to lift its trunk to her.

So clearly not everyone likes their photo taken with Kimmy.

Kanye West's fiancé was pictured at the crucial moment, running away with a terrified look on her face as the animal reacted to the camera in its face.

Wearing a sheer black cover-up and bikini, the sexy star didn't hesitate before leaping away and appearing to scream.

Not that her mum Kris Jenner seemed phased, she couldn't seem to stop laughing in the background.

Clearly Kimmy later saw the funny side, posting the snaps on Instagram with the caption: "selfie fail lol"

The star and her sisters kept us all up to date with their travels to Thailand via Instagram, with bikini selfies, sightseeing snaps and a whole lot of semi-naked bodies.

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