April 1, 2014

Hunky Justin Theroux discovers a 'body' covered in blood in the woods

Justin and some of his co-stars were clad in Mapleton Police Department uniforms for the scene
Justin Theroux has been busy filming The Leftovers, a TV show which follows the story of a small town after the rapture takes place and many of the townspeople have disappeared. 

And no doubt the scenes he was shooting were something he’d be filling his fiancĂ©e Jennifer Aniston in on later.

The actor was seen on location in Forest Park, Queens where his character discovered a body covered in blood and tied to a tree.

Justin certainly doesn’t seem squeamish and was even spotted laughing as he took in the gory scene.

A team of make-up artists were covering the pretend murder victim, who wore a white boiler suit, with blood.

Meanwhile Justin was happy to wait and relaxed while perched on a fallen tree trunk nearby.

The 42-year-old was looking hunky as usual in his navy Mapleton Police Department uniform, including a white shirt and dark tie.

The Wanderlust star slipped on a pair of aviator sunglasses to complete his look and was seen joking around with his co-stars.

The HBO drama revolves around the suburban community of Mapleton after the rapture and follows the lives of those who were left behind after 100 from their town mysteriously disappear.

Justin plays Kevin Garvey, the police chief who attempts to maintain some normalcy in the community as his wife, played by Amy Brenneman, leaves her life behind to join a cult.

Liv Tyler also stars in the show, based on the Tom Perrotta book published in 2012, and portrays a character named Meg who becomes the target of the cult.

Reports recently surfaced that Justin and Jennifer are planning a low-key elopement to Mexico this spring after being engaged for 19 months.


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