March 26, 2014

Twitter takes aim at #Instagram with new photo features

Tweets can now tag friends in photos and contain up to four pictures
Twitter has overhauled its photo system in a bid to compete with Instagram, allowing up to four pictures in each tweet.

The firm has also added to ability to tag up to ten friends in a photo, without using up any of the tweets 140 characters.

The move is the latest in the battle between the social networks, and comes a day after Instagram owner Facebook revealed it was buying virtual reality firm Oculus.

Twitter now allows us up to four photos to be attached to a single tweet


Friends can be tagged in Twitter's mobile apps.

If you’re the one being tagged, you’ll get a notification.

You can adjust notifications, as well as who can tag you, in your Settings.

'We’re rolling out two new mobile features that make photos on Twitter more social,' the firm said.

'One is photo tagging, which lets you tag the people in your photo; the other is the ability to include up to four photos in a Tweet.'

The move is seen as a direct move to compete with Faceebook and Instagram's photo features.

Twitter also revealed that the added photo capabilities wouldn't eat into the number of characters users have.  

'Tagging doesn’t affect character count in the Tweet — you can tag up to 10 people in a photo and still have all 140 characters at your disposal, making it easier to connect with your friends.'

How to tag friends: Up to ten can be named in each photo

The multiple picture feature is also automatic.

'You can also share a series of photos that automatically create a collage. 

'Just tap on a preview to get the full image and slide through the group.'

The ability to upload multiple photos is starting to roll out today on iPhone, and is coming soon to Android and, the firm said.

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