March 21, 2014

Man dives 38 metre off Amazon treetop (VIDEO) - @AmazonRiver

Veteran world champion high diver Orlando Duque dives more than 125 feet from a tree into the Amazon River
Orlando Duque has probably dived off more unique spots than anyone in the world - off massive cliffs, in big cities, and in front of ancient monuments.

But the veteran high diver picked the unlikely setting of the Amazon jungle for his latest feat.

After scaling a 125ft ceiba tree near the border between Peru, Colombia and Brazil, Duque leapt off into the river describing the jump as "spectacular".

"The view from up there is truly beautiful. You can see both sides by walking behind the tree. I don't think you can imagine it," he said.

Duque has a reputation for his dives in strange places. His previous dives include New York's Statue of Liberty and Copenhagen's Opera House as backdrops.

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