March 6, 2014

Man accused of spying for US tied to a goalpost and killed by Al-Qaeda (VIDEO)

The unidentified man was accused of placing microchips in al-Qaeda members' cars and safe houses to guide missiles fired by U.S. drones
Al Qaeda militants have executed a Yemeni man accused of being an infiltrator and tied him to a football goal as a ‘warning’ to others, security officials say.

The unidentified man was accused of spying on al Qaeda for the U.S. and was shot dead in the town of Shahr in Yemen’s southeastern Hadhramout province.

Security officials say the man was killed on Thursday by a militant firing squad and his body was tied to the goal for public display by the militants.

An al Qaeda flier distributed to residents said the execution was in ‘retribution’ for anyone who deals with Americans.

The flier claims the man had been placing microchips in cars and safe houses used by al Qaeda members to guide missiles fired by U.S. drones.

Al Qaeda wields significant power in some remote areas in southern Yemen, where state authority is almost non-existent.

The area is unstable, with government forces and militant rebel groups, with al Qaeda just one, are clashing on a regular basis.

On Sunday, unidentified gunmen ambushed a colonel in the security forces in central Yemen, south of the capital Sanaa, killing him and wounding his guard.

In a separate incident on the same day, armed tribesmen clashed with security forces on the southern edge of Sanaa, leaving two gunmen dead and three soldiers wounded.

Yemen is the main base of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, also known as AQAP or Ansar al-Shari'a, an offshoot of al-Qaeda believed to have several hundred active members.

In 2011, CIA officials branded AQAP 'the most dangerous regional node in the global jihad'.

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