March 31, 2014

Kylie Rides An Elephant In A Bikini On Tropical Vacation

Kylie Jenner hopped on an elephant on her tropical vacation on March 28, 2014. The star rode the pachyderm wearing a skimpy green bikini. "And then this happened," the star wrote on Instagram.
I guess the California's warm weather just isn't good enough for Kylie Jenner.

While most of the country is still freezing their butts off, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has left the United States for something more tropical. The 16-year-old is currently on vacation and -- like any good millennial -- is documenting her sun-soaked getaway on Instagram to make sure all of us back home is seething with envy.

In one snapshot, the reality starlet is seen working on her tan in a green bikini as she rides an elephant around her resort. In another portrait, Jenner poses by an outdoor shower that's probably bigger than most of the kitchens in our apartments.

Yep. I'm officially little jealous now.

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