March 14, 2014

@JustinBieber Dirty Dances With @SelenaGomez in Instagram (VIDEO)

Now we know why Justin Bieber went nuclear Friday during his deposition when the opposing lawyer asked about Selena Gomez ... he was clearly still hot for her, as evidenced by their pretty steamy dance session later that day.

So, they DIDN'T have the time of their lives? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez clearly can't make up their minds about the status of their relationship. After quietly reuniting at a Starbucks in Texas late last week -- and then more publicy on Monday during a SXSW event in Austin, where Bieber serenaded his erstwhile love -- Bieber, 20, offered up the biggest social media clue yet this year. Late Monday, March 10, the "Boyfriend" singer shared a homemade video on Instagram in which he and Gomez, 21, did some dirty dancing in front of a mirror to John Legend's "Ordinary People."

In the sultry, somewhat awkward dance, Bieber pins Gomez (both of them casually clad) against the wall. The lyrics to the track seem apropos: "Girl I'm in love with you/ This ain't the honeymoon/ Past the infatuation phase/ Right in the thick of love/ At times we get sick of love/ It seems like we argue everyday."

Alas, by Tuesday morning, the talked-about video had been removed from Bieber's account -- the GIFs, however, live on! Videos that haven't disappeared from the Internet, much to Bieber's chagrin? Those Miami deposition videos in which he nods off, gets defensive about Gomez and more.

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