March 30, 2014

Justin Bieber’s Club Night Without Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber may be back together with Selena Gomez, but that hasn’t stopped him from spending time with his crew. The pop star and his boys had one wild weekend in Montreal, Canada, and has all of the EXCLUSIVE details!

What was Justin Bieber up to while he was out partying on Friday, March 28 and Saturday, March 29? Was he hanging out with girls since Selena Gomez wasn’t around? Details here!

Uh oh, should Selena be worried about her relationship with Justin already?

On Friday, March 28, and Saturday, March 29, Justin and his crew partied at Buonanotte nightclub in Montreal, Canada. According to a source inside the club who spoke EXCLUSIVELY to, Justin arrived around 1am both nights with a group of at least 15 people.

Justin and his friends sat in a lounge area and ordered 10 pizzas, including one margarita pizza he ate all by himself. The group also ordered bottle service, primarily Grey Goose vodka. Sounds like Justin and his friends have expensive taste.

Do you think Justin is cheating on Selena already?

I’m sure you’re wondering why Justin would be drinking, but the legal drinking age in the Quebec province is 18 years old, which means Justin, 20, can drink as much as he wants while he’s there

It’s rumored that Justin was in town to watch his friend Miley Cyrus perform on Saturday night.

While Justin partying while he’s away from Selena could be relatively harmless, a report claims that Justin may have also had a wandering eye.

According to the Daily Mail, when Justin left shortly after 3am he invited three female club goers to come back to his hotel with him.

“He was with a gang of people — his crew. There wasn’t any ONE girl with him, but they were all there together,” our source shares.

Hmm. Maybe Selena should be careful this time around, just in case.

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