March 17, 2014

Justin Bieber and Co. leave Falls casino after pal denied entry - @JustinBieber

Justin Bieber and some friends hit the Niagara Fallsview Casino Saturday night, but when one of them couldn’t provide ID, they turned around.
NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. -- Pop star Justin Bieber and his entourage hit the Niagara Fallsview Casino on Saturday night, but it appears they didn't get very far.

Fallsview Casino spokesman Greg Medulun said Bieber and "a number of others in his company" arrived at the casino around midnight by limo.

When one of the people in his posse couldn't provide ID, he was denied entry onto the gaming floor.

"When we explained that individual would not be permitted access to the gaming floor, that's when they decided they would leave together," Medulun said.

The group spent about 10 minutes in the public space near the casino's entrance.

"He was recognized by some fans," Medulun said. "There were people certainly interested in seeing him ­-- he's a pop star -- but there was no hysteria."

The low-key visit was kept under wraps outside of a few fervent fans on Twitter asking if he was in town.

"Before Justin leaves Niagara Falls to Toronto, he should come to Port Colborne ;) because I'm crying like a baby," one fan Tweeted to him.

"Justin Bieber is in Niagara Falls and I'm literally 20 mins away from him but I don't have a ride," wrote another.

On Saturday, young Niagara Falls actor Christian Distefano Tweeted: "Haha, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are in Niagara Falls right now."

However, Medulun said Gomez was not among the group.

Bieber's visit came after another week of spiteful press for the Stratford, Ont.-born star.

On Monday, gossip website TMZ posted clips from a March 6 deposition in which Bieber dismissively answered questions from a lawyer representing a photographer allegedly assaulted by one of the star's bodyguards.

"I don't have to listen to anything you have to say," he said at one point.

During other questions he feigns sleeping and snaps at the mention of ex-girlfriend Gomez, warning the lawyer, "Don't ask me about her again."

Bieber made no mention of the Niagara Falls visit on either his Facebook or Twitter pages. On Sunday, he posted a tired-looking pic of himself on Instagram with the caption, "Great night in the studio."

Bieber is also facing assault charges from a limo driver stemming from an incident in December, and has pleaded not guilty to charges of driving under the influence two months ago in Miami. A trial date has been set for May 5.

Medulun said as far as he knows, Saturday was "the first time he's been to Fallsview Casino as our guest."

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