March 3, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence gets Oscars fall out of the way early on red carpet (VIDEO) - @JLdaily @TheAcademy

Jennifer Lawrence recreated last year's Oscars fall on Sunday night as she tripped over her gown on the red carpet outside the Dolby Theatre in LA 
Jennifer Lawrence falling over at the Oscars is fast becoming an annual occurrence, with the American Hustle star taking a tumble on the red carpet ahead of the 2014 ceremony.

The actress fell on to the stage and 'fell into our hearts' as the magazines would have it at last year's awards, and there was another GIF storm this year before she even entered the Dolby Theater.

Lawrence stepped onto the red carpet in a slender red Dior dress, turning to wave to fans at the expense of watching her footing - falling on a member of her party in front and immediately bursting into hysterics.

"Is Jennifer Lawrence falling over on purpose?" quipped one Twitter user, while another summed up the reaction, writing: "Here's another tweet about Jennifer Lawrence."

The actress later commented on the fall in a red carpet interview, explaining: "The cone hit me, I've cut my shin, how is my dress not dirty."

Oscars host Ellen Degeneres later poked fun at Lawrence over the incident in her opening speech, joking: “If you win tonight, I think we should bring you the Oscar,” she said, to loud laughter. “We can do that, right?”

Lawrence is up for a best supporting actress award for American Hustle at this year's ceremony, while the film is vying for best picture.

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