March 22, 2014


Disaster: A promotional scene from the game that is now out on Tuesday
You know the story : your plane crashes, everyone mysteriously dies except you, the island you crash on also has electricity and a decent Wi-Fi signal for some reason. 

Also, all the cargo has been destroyed apart from your 360 / PS3 / PC / DS, etc. Unfortunately, you left your entire 50 game back-log at home (fucking Shopto and their weekly specials!), apart from one game...........

I was initially going to go for an MMO like DC Universe, but then i remembered the subscription fee (yes, it would still bother me after everything thats happened). 

So, i've gone with Battlefield : Bad Company 2, probably the best MP game available at the moment. Plus, i could probably ask someone else playing the game if they could get me some help or something.......which would no doubt get a response of, and i quote , "LOLZ!". 

* I would also like to point out that this is not some god awful Island with smoke monsters, time travel and pregnant women which will get you fully invested in its characters before taking a dump on you from a great height with the worst ending of anything ever. Thank-you*


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