February 17, 2014

Terrifying moment octopus wrestles with a cameraman off the coast of California (VIDEO) - @NatGeo

The octopus grabbed diver David Malvestuto's camera (pictured) who fought to keep hold of it. The two divers had a close encounter with the giant pacific octopus in Bluefish Cove off Carmel, California
It was an underwater arm wrestling match where an eight-armed creature had a significant advantage over the other.

But one intrepid diver whose camera was seized by a curious octopus managed to hold onto his camera, despite its best efforts.

And better still, his friend captured the moment the giant cephalopod lunged at him.

Two divers had a close encounter with a giant pacific octopus in Bluefish Cove off Carmel, California. 

David Malvestuto, of La Jolla, and his diving partner Warren Murray, who is also a professional underwater photographer, were initially shocked to see the large creature in shallow waters, 80ft beneath the waves.

But were more surprised when it extended an arm and took a hold of Mr Malvestuto.

‘Before you know it, I saw an arm grab hold of him and then its whole body just lunged onto the camera,’ Mr Murray told CBS News.

‘I was worried that the octopus wasn’t actually going to come off his camera and I was just making sure I got it on video, otherwise the people on land wouldn’t believe us.’

An underwater tussle began as Mr Malvestuto struggled to keep hold of his camera. 

The octopus eventually let go when it was scared off by flashes from the device, but not before the encounter was captured on Mr Murray’s Go-Pro camera.

‘We didn’t bother it and we didn’t put it in a dangerous situation. I think it more or less it was just curious,’ Mr Murray said.

Octopuses have been known to steal cameras from divers before. In 2010 one eight-armed creature tried to steal diver Victor Huang's camera, which ended in a five minute chase in a bid to get his new device back, The Independent reported. 

He was forced to use a spear gun to prise the cameras away from the octopus.

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