February 22, 2014

Kimberley Garner flashes her derriere as a gust of wind lifts her dress following Marilyn Monroe (VIDEO) - @MarilynMonroe @RalphLauren

A gust of wind lifted Kimberley Garner's skirt as she left the Cocktails With Marilyn event on Thursday evening
She may have only appeared in Made In Chelsea for one season but Kimberley Garner has ensured she's stayed in the limelight.

And on Thursday evening the 23-year-old did it again as she had her very own and rather conveniently timed Marilyn moment when she left the Cocktails With Monroe exhibition in London on Thursday night.

As if by magic Kimberley was met by a gust of wind as she left the venue - meaning her short red gown was raised above her waist, revealing her small lacy underwear  - mimicking Marilyn's famous skirt scene in The Seven Year Itch.

The  swimwear designer didn't seem concerned about her flashing and instead giggled away following the private exhibition of images of Marilyn Monroe. 

Her cheeky display came after she put on quite the show as she arrived for the event at the Langham Hotel.

Kimberley continued to flaunt her flawless figure while inside the venue, where she carried out a sexy pose with her head on one shoulder and one leg off the ground.

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