February 13, 2014

Wolf is dissected in front of Danish schoolchildren @NatGeo

Controversial: Danish Schoolchildren cover their noses while some turn away in disgust as a wolf from a wildlife park is dissected at the Natural History Museum in Aarhus
Danish schoolchildren were yesterday pictured watching a wolf from a wildlife park being dissected just days after the country sparked controversy by killing a giraffe and feeding it to lions at Copenhagen zoo. 

The youngsters were invited to view the bloody spectacle which took place at the Natural History Museum in Aarhus as part of their winter holiday activities.

Some were pictured holding their noses in disgust as they struggled to cope with the pungent smell.

The dissection was carried out by the museum's Chief of Communication Pernille Moelgaard who at one stage held up the animal's lungs to demonstrate how they functioned.

While some of the children seemed fascinated by the procedure, others could not stand to watch and turned away or covered their eyes.

Earlier this week two-year-old Giraffe Marius, was shot dead with a bolt gun and fed to lions at Copenhagen Zoo after he was deemed surplus to requirement.

Young children stood at arm’s length as his carcass was skinned and dissected before the meat was thrown to the lions.

The Danish zoo said the drastic move was needed to combat inbreeding and insisted the display was educational.

But animal rights campaigners condemned the killing, saying it exposed the cruel reality of welfare even in Europe’s top zoos.

Marius’s plight had triggered worldwide outpourings of protest, with more than 20,000 people signing an online petition to save him.

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