February 10, 2014

Freddy, Britain's Biggest Dog, Is Over 7ft Tall (VIDEO) - @NatGeo

Freddy towers over owner Claire Stoneman.

The big, friendly and gigantic Great Dane Freddy, who weighs in at 11 stone, towers over most when he's on his hind legs - at a staggering 7ft 4in tall.

At 41 inches from foot to shoulder blade the not-so-small pup is only 18 months old and said to be still growing.

Although no official measurement has been made, Freddy is almost tall enough to take the current Guinness World Record from Zeus, a four-year-old Great Dane from Michigan, US, who is 44 inches tall from foot to shoulder blade.

He is already significantly larger than Britain's current recorded biggest dog Samson, who is 6ft 6in when stood on his hind legs.

Freddy in owner Claire Stoneman's kitchen.
Britain's biggest dog, 18-month-old Great Dane Freddy, poses for a photograph with owner Claire Stoneman outside their home in Southend.
Great Dane Freddy comes up close to the camera while standing on the bed as owner Claire Stoneman looks on.

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