February 19, 2014

F1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone insists wealth doesn't define her as she strikes a pose for Elle - @F1 @ELLEmagazine

Conquering America: In the new issue of Elle, Tamara Ecclestone - the British daughter of Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone - opens up about her fortunate upbringing and how she has managed to remain grounded. (Inset) The March issue of Elle hit newsstands on February 18
As the daughter of Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone, British socialite Tamara Ecclestone has had an incredibly fortunate upbringing, but she insists her wealth has not affected her personality.

In the new issue of Elle, the 29-year-old - who is expecting her first child with husband Jay Rutland in March - opens up about her lavish lifestyle, which includes frequent shopping sprees, trips around the globe and an opulent 55-room mansion in the heart of London.

Despite all this, Ms Ecclestone says she has managed to remain grounded. 'If I lost all the money, I'd be the same person, with the same friends,' she says.

Pointing out her father's (left) humble beginnings as the son of a fisherman, she says she appreciates how much he has achieved, but 'he's reviled in England because of his lack of education'
'Of course, I'd drive a different car,' she adds, before clarifying: 'But that's not what defines me.'

In a photo taken in November, the brunette strikes a pose in her opulent living room wearing a fitted monochrome dress, her hair styled in immaculate waves.

The sumptuous decor offers a glimpse at her home situated opposite Kensington Palace, which is accessed through private gates and constantly guarded by security.

Tamara, who married her 32-year-old stockbroker husband last year, is known for her spendthrift ways - as is her younger sister Petra, 25, who lives in Los Angeles with her husband James Stunt.

In 2011, Petra and her husband purchased The Manor, an $85million mansion in the Holmby Hills and the largest residence in Los Angeles County.

These sorts of purchases are par for the course for the Ecclestone family, but it means they receive a good deal of flack in their native UK for their posh lifestyle, which is often seen as vulgar.

By contrast, the U.S. has a different, more welcoming attitude to wealth, says Tamara. 'In America, money is celebrated,' she explains.

Pointing out her father's humble beginnings as the son of a fisherman, she says while she appreciates how much he has achieved on his own, 'he's reviled in England because of his lack of education.'

She adds that in the UK, people are quick to judge how her father spends his money.

'I understand that you have to instill values and not spoil your children,' she says. 'But I find it puzzling when people think he shouldn't buy [us] a house.'

Still, Tamara has recently been endeavoring to make a name for herself outside her heiress reputation.

After modeling for Ultimo Lingerie, starring in her own reality show and fundraising for the Great Ormond Street Hospital, she recently launched a line of upscale hair products called SHOW Beauty.

These hair sprays and fragrances, which are sold at Bergdorf Goodman in New York as well as shops in London and Dubai, are all packaged in sparkling Swarovski crystals, just the opulent style Tamara has become known for.

But despite her open penchant for all things material, the mother-to-be says once her baby arrives, parenting will be her number one priority.

She cites her own mother Slavica, a former model from Croatia, as someone she'd like to emulate.  

'[She] gave up everything to be a mother,' she says. 

'She put me and my sister first. She chose to stay at home rather than travel with Dad.'

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