January 4, 2014

Paris Jackson 'doesn't want to return to boarding school in Utah' - @ParisJackson

Acting out? According to Radar, Paris Jackson - who recently posted this bathing suit picture on Instagram - does not want to return to her boarding school in Utah where she has been recovering
Paris Jackson, 15, doesn't want to return to boarding school in Utah, Radar has reported.

The troubled teen spent the Christmas Holidays with her brother, Prince Michael, 16, half-brother Blanket, 11, and natural mother Debbie Rowe, in Hawaii and California, and now doesn't want to return to her  $14,000-per-month therapeutic private school, where she is recovering from an apparent suicide attempt last June.

Paris - daughter of late singer Michael Jackson - is now said to be at loggerheads with her legal guardian Katherine Jackson, 83, over returning to the school.

A source told Radar: 'Paris enjoyed spending time with her brothers in Hawaii for Christmas.

'It was the first time she had been allowed to leave the boarding school since last summer.

'The freedom that Paris experienced in Hawaii was intoxicating and she has been fighting with Katherine since returning to the Calabasas mansion a few days ago, because her grandmother is steadfast in her belief that she must go back to Utah.'

Katherine - who is a co-guardian to Michael's three children alongside T.J. Jackson - was said to be angered that Paris has access to a mobile phone and social media while she was in Hawaii, and posted a number of snaps, including ones of her in a bikini top.

Although Paris has been making good progress, the source warned: 'Paris might not see this, but she isn't ready to leave the safe confines of the Utah boarding school.'

Adding: 'There is a lot of support that Paris gets there and Katherine recognises that. There is no question, Paris will be going back to Utah this weekend.'

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