January 14, 2014

Man casually falls through golf shop ceiling; acts like it happens every day (VIDEO) - @golf

Unbothered would be the best way to sum up this duo’s reaction to their friend falling through the ceiling of a golf shop.
Friends don't even flinch as worker crashes to the ground among bricks and rubble after falling from the loft of a golf shop in Tennessee

It's not every day you fall through a ceiling - although it might be for this shop worker judging by the reaction of his unflustered pals.

The employee at Baneberry Golf and Resort in Tennessee, USA, is met with indifference by a colleague and customer as he falls from the loft of the golf shop.

Seconds after crashing to the ground surrounded by bricks and debris, his co-worker greets him casually, saying: "Hey Ron". As he lies on the floor 'Ron' then replies: "Hey Billy. That hurt."

A customer who appears from around the corner voices the only note of concern when he asks: "Why is there a hole in the ceiling?"

According to golf.com the man was 'completely unharmed' in the fall.

The video of his plummet has now gone viral online with more than 100,000 people having viewing it on YouTube.

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