January 7, 2014

Father faces wait for the 'world’s most complicated full face transplant'

Luis Casaramona, 44, suffers from a rare illness that will cost him his life unless a donor can be found to give him a new face
A dad-of-one is to undergo the world’s most ­complicated full face transplant – once a donor has been found.

Luis Casaramona, 44, will get new jawbones, lips, ears, hair, teeth, tongue, muscles and nerves and a new face.

Only his eyes, brain, part of his skull and some nerve endings will still be his.

He has a rare illness that causes blood vessels to swell and haemorrhage.

Without surgery, he will bleed to death, say doctors.

Ex-stock exchange worker Luis, who has lost part of his tongue to his illness, said: “If it works, the operation will give me my life back. If I die, I’ll go down fighting.”

Wife Serena, 38, and daughter Frida, 11, are supporting him while he waits for the surgery in Barcelona.

The first full face transplant took place in Spain in March 2010.

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