January 31, 2014

2-year-old in diapers is a skateboard prodigy (VIDEO) - @SkateboardMag

Is this the world's youngest skateboarder?
A diaper-wearing 2-year-old skateboarder from Australia is an Internet sensation after video emerged of him racing up and down streets, hopping over curbs and even flying down steps (although he had an adult assisting with that one.)

But first you need to look past the fact that he's not wearing a helmet -- or any protective gear, for that matter.

Little dude isn't even wearing shoes!

The youngster, identified as Kahlei Stone-Kelly, is being hailed as the world's youngest skateboarder. He is said to comes from a family of skateboard enthusiasts, and has been on a board since he was 6 months old, according to news reports.

When the video begins, it initially looks like the youngster is rocketing out of control atop the skateboard.

But no, that's just the kid taking off down the street, as evidenced by the deft way he navigates his way over a yellow curb, and even down a small set of stairs.

It appears that dad uploaded the video to Facebook earlier this month, but the video has only picked up momentum in recent days.

Since the posting, someone has given the boy a safety helmet, thank goodness.

Postings on the Facebook page also suggest the arrival of more media, cameras and footage as word of this skateboarding prodigy makes the Internet rounds.

Something tells us this isn't the last we've seen of little Kahlei.


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