December 21, 2013

Tiger pounce zoo visitors posing for photo at Russia (VIDEO) - #NatGeo

The tiger unleashes its killer instinct for woman posing for photo in front of cage
This woman got the fright of her life when a white tiger pounced at her from behind a protective glass. 

The woman was posing for a photograph at a zoo in Russia but wasn't aware she was being eyed-up for dinner. 

The big cat is captured creeping up behind the woman who suddenly turns and comes face-to-face with the animal.

The woman screams in terror as the tiger leaps to grab her.  

Earlier this year Chinese scientists traced the white tiger's coat down to one change in a gene. 

White tigers are a rare variant of the orange Bengal tiger. 

Today they are found in captive programmes where the limited numbers are interbred to maintain the distinctive fur colour. 

A number of the white tigers found in zoos have health issues, such as eyesight problems and some deformities.

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