December 13, 2013

#Justin Bieber comes crashing Down to Earth as he falls off his skateboard (VIDEO)

The singer is caught mid-fall as he tries to pull off a snazzy move
He might be internationally known for his singing, but it doesn’t look like Bieber’s going to be known for his skateboarding skills any time soon.

The 19-year-old Baby singer posted a video of himself skateboarding on Thursday – but it didn’t quite go as the singer would’ve like it to and he unfortunately fell off.

Taking to the board he appeared to try and pull a move known in the Skateboarding world as an ‘ollie’; where the rider and board leap into the air without the use of their hands.

The star, dressed all in black, successfully stays on the board as he travels down the half-pipe but when he reaches the top of the other side his attempts to lift the board off the ground leave him sliding down the skate park on his bottom. 

Thankfully, the star wasn’t travelling at a high speed as it was only a miniature half pipe; he wasn’t wearing a helmet and could’ve seriously hurt himself had he fallen off going any faster than he was. 

When he landed on the ground it was clear to see the singer wasn’t too hurt as he smiled and looked mildly embarrassed.   

Wearing a black beanie hat and skateboarding trainers the star was most definitely dressed for the occasion – even if he couldn’t quite manage the move.

Not one to be too proud to show weakness, the Beauty and the Beat singer uploaded the video to his Instagram account and captioned it: ‘Always get up when u get knocked down.’

Although we didn’t see him getting up after his fall, it’s presumed the star got up and had another try at the previously failed move.

After just a matter of hours on the website nearly 345 thousand fans had liked the video and 30 thousand had left comments. 

One user, who calls herself Miss Instagram USA, said: ‘LOL You’re cute.’

Another called Waniya Asiddiqui said: ‘…and keep a smile on your face!’

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