November 27, 2013

Yet another savage beating of an Ethiopian domestic worker by her Saudi slavemaster (VIDEO)

Saudi Arabian employer hangs his Ethiopian maid upside down from a hook and beats her to a bloody pulp. She is drenched in blood from the whips and sticks that the Saudi men use to beat their domestic slaves.

LiveLeak  Non-European Foreign workers in the Gulf states are treated as de-facto Slaves, with no human rights and are kept as virtual prisoners by their respective employers and forced to endure harsh treatment for little pay. A recent report by Amnesty International slammed the worsening state of human rights abuses in the country.

Among the myriad criticisms leveled in the report, it was noted that migrant workers and other minorities regularly suffer abuse and “excessive use of force” at the hands of authorities. Yet 82 countries in the UN  praised Saudi Arabia for its “outstanding human rights record.”

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